Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Market Timing Update (12/14/10)

[630pm]Count update -
Here are the main tracking counts on the ES and SPX. The previously proposed but subsequently abandoned small-degree triangle (which ended the Nov decline - green lines) is now added back.

[EOD] The market is back at the same place as it was at yesterday's close - either a high or the high is in OR there is one more squiggle high - as long as the Dec 9th high of 1234.71 in SPX holds.

There is non-confirmation between INDU and SPX. INDU produced a new high while SPX did not. This could be a sign of weakness or a sign of a out-of-step small degree 4th wave developing. The Dec 9th high is a key level to the wave structure. Squiggles from today's high is not conclusive either.

There following charts show the two options in SPX, INDU and ES.

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