Monday, December 13, 2010

Market Timing Update (12/13/10)

[430pm] Here are the counts on the futures, which are in the same position as the cash index - see discussions below.

[EOD] Two tracking counts, one for the high (say [i] of C or [i] of 5 or 5 itself) is in, the other for one more higher high.

Depending on how one counts the decline from the high in the cash index, it can be counted as a completed 9-wave impulse or a completed corrective zigzag. SPX needs to break below the 1235 point to eliminate a potential corrective small degree 4th wave as indicated.

Futures continue to show some weakness after the close, but have not made another lower low as of 415pm.

[Real time entries] during the day session are archived at MTU Real Time.