Friday, October 21, 2011

Market Timing Update (10/21/11)

[305pm] ES update -
Again, the relative strength in INDU is notable. What if SPX and ES truncates?

[12pm] INDU update -
Notable relative strength in INDU. If this potential IHS does not fail, there's nearly 400 index points upside from the breakout level. The retrace will then be around 0.618 of the early-july orthodox high to early Aug orthodox low, and also around the area of 200-day MA.

[1140am] DAX at the close and NDX update -
DAX - can it break above the base channel? Higher high in US but not in DAX at the moment. Will find out next week.
NDX/NQ - refreshed chart, same tracking counts, so far retraced about 0.382 of the October advance (see the 2nd chart below next to the 1050am update.
[1050am] SPX update -
A three up from yesterday's low at the moment, with Nasdaq lagging, leaving a number of possibilities. See chart.
[840am] DAX, ES update -
DAX and ES are still range bound. ES is moves back above its support line since the Oct low. At least a deep(er) retrace in NQ as discussed yesterday (clues from NDX/NQ). Breakout or breakdown confirms.