Friday, January 13, 2012

Market Timing Update (1/13/12)

[1045am] DAX, SPX/ES update -
DAX - Wave [iv] still in progress (green) as a triangle/flat or wave [v] morphing into an EDT (blue). The red count shows that the high is in with truncation. Primary count is green to be in sync with SPX/ES.

SPX/ES - One can count a five-down from the overnight high in ES. Wave [iv] (green), if it is one, has hit its target area around 1280 and likely has ended as an expanded flat.

[935am] SPX update -
Primary count (green)remains on track. See yesterday's EOD update for details.

[7am] DAX, ES update -
DAX - 5th extending, targeting MA200 which is currently around 6394
ES - triangle, combo three, or small-degree 2nd wave retrace.