Thursday, September 15, 2011

Market Timing Update (9/15/11)

[EOD] Stocks -
There are no change in the larger count (Chart 1). The proposed benchmark low is the key.

DAX continues to break out and squiggles from the low does not appear complete for this leg of advance (see the [1135am] entry).

However, SPX and ES are approaching the end of a small-degree wave 3 (or C) or even wave 5 of the current advance, allowing for a pullback (Chart 2).

[240pm] ES squiggles -
looking wedgy, see the 2nd chart below
[220pm] SPX squiggles -
potentially approaching 3 or 5 from the recent low
[1135am] DAX, SPX update -
DAX - closed up, bottoming, squiggles suggests some additional upside for this leg?
SPX - a fourth wave in progress likely, possibly a triangle?
[940am] SPX -
update on the squiggle count discussed in Wed's EOD entry. see 2nd chart below.

[910am] Bonds -
breaking down, correcting the prior impulse

[855am, 9am] Gold and DX update -
Gold - a quick drop in Gold, triangle or flat continue to track.
DX - potentially one more push higher to complete C/3, but needs to happen soon

[850am] ES, NQ update -
bearish triple zigzag or bullish impulse (or bearish larger ABC zigzag to match the blue [i]-[ii]-[iii](yet to complete))
[730am] DAX update -
breaking out.