Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Market Timing Update (9/13/11)

[EOD] Stocks -
DAX continues to bottom (see 1140am entry for near term options), so does SPX.

Chart 1 updates the top tracking counts.

As illustrated in the 240pm entry and Chart 2, one possible bearish scenario - a five-down from the nominal high could end with an EDT with possible truncation, assuming no further extension.

For the very near term, a potential triangle or a deeper retrace of the recent advance is likely in progress.

[240pm] Bearish Count update (INDU, SPX) -
If wave (5)-down from the nominal high is in progress, leave room for it to be an EDT with possible truncation, assuming no extension.
[1140am] DAX update -
DAX bottoming - One more squiggle low to complete the blue wedge a possibility (as indicated by the blue 5), which may or may not come.

[830am] Gold update -
The proposed triangle / combo is still tracking. see the 2nd chart below.
[705am] ES update -
leave room for a terminal triangle as marked by the green labels. also see Monday and weekend posts for additional details.