Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Market Timing Update [updated 9PM] (5/26/10 Close)

[9PM] SPX/mini update - Emini sub-divided lower in after hours. A 9-wave decline from today's high likely has completed. The whole structure from yesterday's high is likely a large expanded flat B-wave.

[4PM Stocks] Counting the intra-day squiggles has been relatively straightforward for this rebound. However, price actions support several counts within the P3 framework.

The SP500 Emini just completed a small-degree 5 wave decline into the close. It is likely
[red] (b) of [ii]-up of 3-down of (1)-down.
[blue] iii of (i) of [v]-down of 1-down
[green] [b] of 2-up of (1)-down

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