Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Market Timing Update (5/18/10 Close)

Stock and Gold Update

After-hour stocks (850PM) -

4PM Stocks- The bearish P3-type count has been on track so far. However, the indices did not make a lower low today, which leaves a number of options on the table as usual. Chart 1 offers the big picture count.

As one can see in Chart 2, the decline in SPX from today's high - potentially (ii)-up of [i][1]3-down - has been a zigzag (which may very well be the first 3 waves of an impulse) so far.

4PM Gold- Chart 3 and Chart 4 offer a near term count on Gold, which has suffered some volatility of its own.


  1. 1 min SPX chart - wave [4] looks like a triangle with a 5th wave coming which looks like it is happening AH

  2. Thanks Tom. Looks like an extended fifth wave is playing out in the after hours. It'll be interesting how Europe and Asia do overnight.