Monday, February 14, 2011

Market Timing Update (2/14/11)

What's more interesting is the action in stock index futures as a swift after-hours sell-off has nearly wiped out the gain from the day's low. Chart 1 and Chart 2 offer the top counts.

On balance, odds favor additional upside for the current advance while the market has certainly fulfilled the minimum requirement to end the advance since the late January low (as marked by the red label). Note, for example, that Transports have yet to manage a new high (which is likely) and that the Dow futures has not yet taken out its overnight high.

Thus, the AH pullback could be wave [2] of v of (v) as marked, the final leg of wave iv of (v), or a part of a correction in an "endless" extension as indicated by the black label. Of course, we may have the initial parts of a nice impulse wave decline if a peak or the top is in.

Chart 3 to the right shows how each option could fit into the larger count.

[1215pm] The larger structure (SPX, INDU) -
Looking increasingly tracking...
[1110am] Mid-day update (SPX) -

[745am] Overnight update (ES, DX) -