Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Market Timing Update (1/25/11)

[EOD] The wave structure in INDU may be informative (Chart 1). First, if the green (v) of [iii] does not extend and the green [v] of 5 does not extend, this afternoon's advance is likely the final subdivision (Chart 2). If there should be another extension, one would have continue to count upwards. Second, the pending peak is (iii) of [v]5 according to the blue count. However, the maximum upside for the blue count is 11988.92 as noted in Chart 1.

Chart 3 counts the squiggles in ES. Chart 4 counts the long bond.

[1230pm] Mid-day update -
[815am] Overnight update -
We have a small-degree five-down in the ES squiggles. The three top scenarios are indicated on the chart.