Monday, November 15, 2010

Market Timing Update (11/15/10 Close)

[905pm] Futures update (ES) -
A nice five down from the 12PM high.

[720pm]Squiggles on $TRAN -
Here's a look at the squiggles on $TRAN. If one takes the nominal high as the top, there's a decent fiver down. If the rebound since the low is a five (a passable one as indicated on the chart), wave C-up of the rebound should show up tomorrow. Otherwise, if the rebound since the low is a three, down it goes.

[720pm]Stocks - futures squiggles from today's high -

[630pm] Stocks - futures structures from the top
Not sure about the accuracy of this count, but this double zigzag from the top aligns ES, YM and NQ.
[4pm] Stocks - cash index structures