Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Wednesday Update (3/25/20)

[EOD Update]- see intraday update for description
[Intraday Update 1pm NYSE]- More clarity with additional price prints, the low is in (purple (C)) or not (blue [4])

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  1. 3 OR 5 ?

    The key question at this juncture is whether the SPX etc is doing a 3 wave (abc) move from the Jan Feb top, or alt a 5 wavers.

    Then whether the last wave is complete.

    If its 3 then the main tend prob will remain up. If however its a 5 then its only 50/50 prob the main trend is up.

    Some indexes reveal a 5 depending on how you count and view the seqs (is if you classify as an expanding seq). UKX NYA.

    Im not altogether yet clear on what this is but it looks like a 5. Despite that stks last week fell to std retracement buying levels.

    Would like to see MTU's count on GOLD and OIL.