Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Market Timing Update (2/15/11)

[EOD]stocks -
The primary count is that wave (iv) is still in progress, which could be complete at today's low or has one more thrust down (see charts).
[1110am]Mid-day update (SPX, INDU)-
Assuming that the high of this wave is not in (which is likely), it's possible that the "consensus" is rushing the count on the rise since late Jan low a bit. Here's a slower version to consider. The squiggle labels may need to be moved around a bit for the best fit, but the general idea is that wave (iv) is still in progress or has ended at the AM low. This version also accommodates the wave structure divergence between SPX and INDU.
[950am] Count update (SPX)-
this count fits well with SPX and NDX, but not with INDU
[730am] Overnight update (ES,NQ, USD)-