Thursday, January 27, 2011

Market Timing Update (1/27/11)

[NDX] The squiggle count on NQ assumes the red count in NDX cash (The bullish blue count cannot be discounted at the moment). It may even be possible to have a truncated [v] of 5 in NQ.

[EOD]The squiggles proposed yesterday are still tracking and there's no change in the larger count. INDU has likely traced out a triangle over the past two days and SPX a flat. Note also that the proposed wave (iii) of [v] is shorter than wave (i) of [v] in SPX.

[1225pm] Mid-day update -
[805am] Overnight update -
[v] of 5 likely in progress in ES. The alt count is a triangle/complex three/flat [iv] of 5.