Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Market Timing Update (1/12/11)

[EOD] Primary count is that the final subdivisions are here. ES counts best with another down-up squiggle (as (iv) and (v) of [v]5 - black count). NQ counts well as an ED to complete 3 (or 5).
And here's how the above counts get mapped to the cash indexes.

[12pm] SPX count update (ES) -

[1130am] NDX count update (NQ) -
Small ED, Large ED or none of the above? I vote for the small ED (black count)

[850am] Overnight update -
Odds now favor wave [v] being in progress. Two tracking counts on ES are in Chart 2 (with a third less likely option of a wave [iv] triangle not shown). The potential ED in NQ is very closed to be busted (max is round 2305 for the ED).