Friday, July 30, 2010

Intraday Update (7/30/10)

[240PM]Wilshire 5000 squiggle update -
A follow up to the 1115AM update. The context remains the same.

[1115AM] Wilshire 5000 squiggle update - I continue to think that odds favor a continued 2-up (bull-trap). But for the immediately bearish count ([iii] of 3-down, say), here's an update on the Wilshire 5000 squiggles.

[838AM]Post GDP update - a double three? possibly with an ED to finish?

[735AM] SPX/mini overnight update -
Last trading session of July. Q2 GDP a focus at 830AM.
The decline from the recent top has been an overlapping mess in the futures so far.
The corresponding count in the SP500 cash index is shown in yesterday's EOD update.