Thursday, March 10, 2011

Market Timing Update (3/10/11)

[EOD]stocks -
With today's decline to a lower low in most indexes, a simpler ABC structure for the corrective count may be at work - a zigzag or double zigzag. The zigzag count may work better for SPX/INDU/WLSH and the double zigzag count may work better for COMPQ/NDX/RUT. Perhaps there is one more small-degree push lower to complete the larger structure, especially in the smaller caps.

The count for an impulse wave down is more straight forward.

[145pm]Oil update -

[12pm]Mid-day update (SPX, NDX, ES)-
For those who are obsessed with triangles, here's a perspective on ES (see chart on the right).
[740am] Overnight update (Oil, USD, Stocks) -