Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Market Timing Update (10/12/10 Close)

After hours rise coincident with dollar weakness
[4PM stocks] Today's is the day where a chart is worth a thousand words. Some key points -
[1] Wave structure evolution this week start to favor a zigzag since the late August low.
[2] A 3-week-long ED is approaching its end. The ED could have one more squiggle high left which should be resolved overnight or tomorrow. One more high may not be required either as we are talking about the very end of wave subdivision.
[3] The proposed ED does not work for NDX, but a zigzag may. NDX is also within points of its April high.
[4] If the rise since the late August low is a five-wave impulse, the current high is either the end of this rise or just the third wave as highlighted by the blue count.

So here are the charts