Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Market Timing Update (7/27/11)

[EOD] Stocks -
Please cycle through earlier entries for the day below. They are still relevant and food for thought. Here's a summary -
[312pm] - Wilshire 5000, a zigzag retrace from its nominal high, potentially as a 2nd wave, see the latest weekend commentary.
[250pm] - NDX ending diagonal, appear to suggest an additional decline following a rebound based on its futures.
[110pm] - RUT Quantitative Easing fractals - on track to point #7 if it continues to track. It appears to suggest a resolution to the debt-ceiling uncertainty after point #7 is reached.
[1055am] - a potentially major top in Gold

[312pm] Count update (WLSH) -
A zigzag retrace

[250pm] NDX ED update -
Five down in NQ and thus a potential expanded flat wave B retrace in NDX. Guideline suggests a retrace to the base of ED if it is one.

[110pm] Fractal count update (RUT)-
Revisiting the QE fractal an ABC decline so far turns into a five (say due to Thur's and Fri's macro numbers) . It's hard not to get philosophical about waves, sometimes. See the 2nd chart below.

[1055am] Count update (Gold)-
Some kind of top (could be major as indicated) if no further extension.

[10am] Count update (INDU, ES)-
Another triangle in the works?
[810am] Overnight update (ES)-