Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Market Timing Update (2/21/12)

[EOD] Stocks -
There's no change to the big picture assessment.  See Turn Window (2/17/12)Chart 1 refreshes the larger count.

Squiggles from the Feb 15th low are fuzzy and lack confirmation.  One can count a reasonable five wave advance from that low to today's high and it channels well.  Thus, a top (i.e. red) could very well be in place.

Alternatively, today's high could be wave (A) of wave [E] of a large wedge (i.e. green) - if so, the upside is likely capped by 13150 in the Dow.

[720am] ES update -
ES topping. End of post Dec-low impulse (blue) barring endless extension (green).

[710am] DAX update -
DAX topping, perhaps at several degrees - particularly based on
[1] The red count (Chart 1 and 2),  followed by
[2] the green count (Chart1), which is the purple count in Chart 2. Note that the purple [v]=[i] at 6983 and the current high is 6971.
These counts are roughly in sync with the top counts in INDU/SPX. See Turn Window (2/17/12) for details.