Thursday, October 4, 2012

Market Timing Update (10/4/12)

[EOD] Stocks-
Stocks are at a crossroad. In the very short term, there could be a thrust up out of a small-degree 4th wave or further subdivision up to finish a potential EDT small-degree 5th wave. The near term IHS target in SPX has been met (see 11am entry). Nasdaq COMPQ and NDX are lagging. The pending high could also be the end of an ABC (likely a flat) rebound or perhaps a potentially truncated 5th wave at a larger degree. See chart.

[11am] SPX/INDU update -
SPX approaching IHS target area. Let's see if the run up is 1 or 3-up (extending higher) or 5-up (terminal).

[920am] ES update -
Two options - if ES does not deliver a small degree 3rd wave-up based on the green or black-alt count for example, a post-triangle thrust-up or regular small-degree 5th wave-up likely completes an ABC rebound (black, red).