Saturday, September 8, 2018

MTU Weekend Ed. - 11 Waves Up (II) (9/7/18)

NDX presents a possible completed count since 2016, concluding with a small-degree post triangle thrust.
SPX has 11 waves up since its April low (see last week's update), which is generally corrective.  The structure represents an expanding diagonal triangle (a terminal wave 5 or wave C of an flat)

Here is a similar structure in INDU


  1. The counts are so out of normal seq that it difficult to determine the position altho MTUs chart 1 count is possible (but there could be 1 more up wave). Chart 1 has been in selling territory for the past mth.

    Charts true count could be that the Jan top is wave 5, the May low neg wave A or 1, the rally since is wave B or 2. All caused by the tech stks running late.