Friday, December 16, 2016

MTU Weekend Ed. - Year-End Possibilities (12/16/16)

If stocks track the Decennial Pattern into the end of the year, they may be open to a pullback/consolidation (Chart 1), although January in year 7 looks quite bullish again (+5%).

Chart 2 lists top tracking counts from the 2016 low.
[green]an impulse wave up, most bullish
[gray] a large EDT, bullish
[blue] a small EDT/LDT, to top below 2285/2286
[red] a zigzag. The red B was a deeper retrace of red A on the election night (See Chart 3 on ES). The red C reaches time-equality with red A around mid-January.

Chart 4 lists top tracking counts from the 2009 low.