Saturday, August 20, 2016

MTU Weekend Ed. - August High (8/19/16 close)

SP500 may already be correcting its upswing from the Brexit low (Chart 1, labels at the 2193.81 high), as the German DAX appears to have completed a five-wave advance (Chart 2). If the rally continues next week without breaking 2168.5 first, a potential EDT (Chart 1, 2nd red C) is in play. Beyond 2214.73, the latest small-degree 5th wave from 2147.58 is subdividing higher.

A retest of the breakout area of 2075 to 2100 looks probable (Chart 3).

Chart 4 refreshes key intermediate-term scenarios we have discussed in recent months. Chart 5 continues to track a potential contracting triangle in the DAX as one companion scenario to SPX (Chart 4 red, expanding triangle).