Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Market Timing Update (10/4/11)

[EOD] Stocks -
Please refer to the 930am entry for top larger counts. The detailed count on the 60-min frame is updated here.

If there should be more decline to find a major low (i.e. blue C(Y), purple 5), monitor a potential expanding EDT as marked.

The more bearish 1212 setup is less likely at the moment.

[1130am] DAX at the close -
for DS11 -
(red) 3-down is an EDT, ended at the nominal low. 4-up is z zigzag, ended at the recent high. 5-down is in progress, theoretically to new lows.
(blue)4-up is a running flat dating back to the blue 3-down. 5-down completed with a slight truncation. The current retrace is B or 2 -down of a new upswing.
[930am] SPX higher degree count, cycle wave b vs c -
[9am] ES, DAX update -
Chart cleaning as ES has made fresh lows this morning.