Friday, February 11, 2011

Market Timing Update (2/11/11)

[EOD]Stocks and USD -
For stocks, futures appear to suggest one more push higher after a wave iv pull back. If the end of wave (iv) is the red (iv), the end of this wave is much closer if not already here.

The rebound in DX is so far a three-wave affair, with the ambiguity in the initial advance - is it a 5-wave impulse or a 7-wave corrective wave? So far the base channel has held. The first chart shows the bullish and bearish counts. The second chart shows the bearish squiggles from today's high.

[1228pm] Mid-day update (INDU) -
showing another option in addition to the ones highlighted in SPX.

[1222pm] Mid-day update (SPX) -
[1045am] YM squiggles - two counts

[8am] Overnight update (USD) -
[740am] Overnight update (stocks)-