Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Intraday Update (6/29/10)

[145PM]SPX/mini - squiggle update

[1223PM] SPX/mini count update, in 3 time frames

[1010AM] SPX/mini count update
Nearing a near term support per an A-B-C decline or 5-down or (i)-(ii)-i decline

[822AM] SPX/mini, And this chart counts the squiggles

[Overnight update 806AM] SPX/mini- We got our answer to the options I highlighted in yesterday's Update - Post triangle thrust down OR iii of (iii) thrust up ? We clearly got a post triangle thrust (most likely as a fifth wave).

This chart updates the top bearish and bullish counts that have been presented recently, with minor adjustments at smaller wave degrees. The corrective/bullish count is a bit forced at the moment.

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